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Microsoft PowerToys: Enhancing Windows Productivity

Microsoft’s history is replete with tools and utilities that help developers, power users, and general users alike. One of the lesser-known but incredibly useful tools from this vast repertoire is PowerToys. Originating in the Windows 95 era, PowerToys made a resurgence for Windows 10 and has continued to evolve.

What is PowerToys?

PowerToys is a suite of utilities designed to enhance the Windows experience. It’s aimed at power users who want to maximize productivity, offering features that aren’t natively present in Windows. The toolset is free and open source, ensuring its continued development by Microsoft and the broader community.

Key Features of PowerToys

  • FancyZones: This is a window manager that allows users to set up custom layouts for application windows. Whether you’re a developer, a writer, or anyone who often has multiple windows open, FancyZones lets you snap those windows into pre-configured zones easily.
  • PowerToys Run: Acting as a quick launcher, this tool enables users to launch apps, files, and even execute commands in a matter of keystrokes.
  • Keyboard Manager: This utility lets you remap keys and create your own keyboard shortcuts, making routine tasks even faster.
  • Color Picker: A simple tool that lets you quickly pick and identify any color on your screen, providing the color in various formats suitable for developers and designers.
  • File Explorer Add-ons: These extensions enhance the native File Explorer, including capabilities like previewing SVG images or the contents of a Markdown file.
  • Image Resizer: A tool that enables quick and easy resizing of images directly from the context menu in File Explorer.
  • Mouse utilities: These include features like “Find My Mouse,” which helps you locate the cursor by pressing a key and generating an animated spotlight around it.
  • Video Conference Mute: A tool that provides a quick way to mute both audio and video with a single keystroke or button click, particularly useful in today’s age of virtual meetings.

Why Use PowerToys?

PowerToys isn’t just for the tech-savvy. While it does offer intricate tools that developers and power users will find valuable, many of its utilities, like the Image Resizer or FancyZones, have broad appeal. By bridging gaps in the Windows operating system and offering enhanced functionality, PowerToys elevates the user experience, making common tasks more efficient.


Whether you’re looking to enhance your multitasking game with FancyZones or quickly resize an image without diving into a photo editing software, PowerToys is worth exploring. As Microsoft continues to develop and expand the suite, users can expect even more features that improve the Windows experience.

User Review
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